What are you sitting on? Choose wisely; the right rims can and will enhance the personality of your vehicle. Be amazed as your car comes to life with our extensive selection of unique rims.​


Who, What, When & Where

As the founder and owner of Stay Busy Rims, Lamont Raynor can appreciate the beauty of automobiles and has a passion specifically for wheels and rims. Stay Busy Rims was born out of his love for striking automobiles. When you see a nice detailed car the first feature you notice are the rims. Rims are captivating to the eye and bring out the personality of the car and its driver.

Stay Busy Rims was founded in 2007 by Lamont Raynor a talented videographer and business owner. Stay Busy Rims is focused on introducing you to the latest in car detail trends and connecting the consumers with the manufacturers. The intent is to highlight the industry’s best in rim manufacturing, share the product via our magazine outlet, social media blog and video streaming events.

Fascinating details like diamond cut, carbon fiber or extreme color bring to life the various standard materials in rim making like steel, aluminum, alloy and chrome to life. Choose your color, material finish but choose wisely eye-catching wheels are a must. 

Stay Busy Rims wants to know What Are You Sitting On?

Visit us at www.staybusyrims.com and at your local auto trade shows. Check local listings.

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